Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Continunity Brown

Well those figures on debt were bad. Being delivered by a supposed Conservative chancellor they were a disgrace.

Spending goes up, the economy goes down. The parasitic state wastes more and more as its eats our very economic soul, egged on by the vampires of the public sector Unions and the BBC.

But Osborne isn't bothered. Why not ? Because he's playing one of Gordon Brown's very own tricks against Labour.

By spending like a drunken sailor he's forcing Labour to say binging even more on borrowed cash is the answer. ( A point his own failure to control spending proves to be false ).

Labour are politically trapped, much as the Conservatives were when Brown spent more money than the country could afford to dare the Conservatives to talk of cuts and taking things away...

The irony would be amusing if it wasn't all being played out over the soon to be corpse of our country's economy.

The problem is a real patriot ( which means a real Conservative ) would rather lose an election than betray hos country.

Not so the professional PPE born to politics brigade who are just in it for the personal glory.

What has our country done to deserve two Gordon Browns putting politics before country ?


Barnacle Bill said...

The Buffty frae Kirkcaldy's actions were a deliberate betrayal of the people of this country by him.

Boy George's is more from over promotion and imcompetency.

However, I agree a true Conservative would put the welfare of their country above petty party politicking.

James Higham said...

supposed Conservative chancellor

EU and global left chancellor.