Monday, August 13, 2012

Boris is the shot accross Cameron's bows

The media's focus on Boris to be the next PM travels because many in the Conservative party want it to travel.

Boris is the perfect "last warning" for Cameron. He's perfect because he can't be PM any time soon, so he can be bigged up without any danger of really toppling Cameron. The more the Tory press and other talking heads entertain the idea of Boris as leader the more they can issue their final warning to Cameron.

However the men in grey suits are getting them dry cleaned in case the warning fails ... "Of course I support you Dave, but I'm afraid the others won't and you'll be humiliated in a leadership election. I'm begging you to stand down" times however many Tories are left in the Cabinet is coming soon if Dave does rid himself of the Lib Dem parasites sucking the life force out of sane government in this country.

But the problem is Dave doesn't want to does he - he finds the Lib Dems useful in ignoring his own party. Soon they will be provoked enough to return the compliment.

Give it another year ....

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