Friday, July 13, 2012

How to win the next general election (secret)

What follows would almost guarantee a Conservative general election victory and a major impetus to economy. It would outrage the Lib Dems and infuriate Labour. The liberal commemorate and MSM would have kittens.

As I'm a member of UKIP now you may wonder why I'm issuing such advice to another poltical party, and you would be right to wonder. But there's two reasons:

  1. Its in England's interests not to have the Lib Dems or Labour in power.
  2. They'll never take the advice anyway.
So what's the idea ? Its simple.

Halve the fuel duty of petrol and deisel.

Those who are economically active would immediately have more money - you can be sure such people will mostly spend it. The economy will be unblocked. Costs of transport will drop, inflation will drop.

And, and ... it will be spectacularly popular. A reverse fuel strike. The left won't be able to prevent themselves from charging into the elephant trap of condemning the vast majority of the public. Climate change parasites, EU quislings, anti-human socialists and general success haters will line up to condemn the general public and will travel straight to the electoral abattoir before they have had time to think about what they are doing.

Beats QE or dropping the now 45p rate.

Go on George - do something right for a change.


Barnacle Bill said...

It's too simplistic for our poor dumb politicians to comprehend but would be a vote winner with me.

James Higham said...

Halve the fuel duty of petrol and deisel.

Too sensible - could never be brought in.