Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Govt credibility dies one u-turn at a time

In a crisis, and thanks to Labour we have a real one, credibility matters.

After the fuel tax climb down there isn't that much left in Downing street.

Note: I'm not saying increasing fuel taxes is good - I happen to think the reverse. However, reversing what you said you'd do under very simple pressure from Ed Balls leaves the govt looking weak and desperate.

Not good.

PS New job occupying my time right now... sparse blogging for a bit.


Henry Crun said...

I don't think the cancellation of the fuel duty increase was anything to do with Ed Balls at all. I reckon Bollocks got wind of the announcement and tried to make political capital out of it.

I hardly think George Osborne is daft enough to do anything just because Bollocks makes a noise on the airwaves.

Man in a Shed said...

A cunning thought - however current reports suggest no one knew about it even on the day. Not discussed in Cabinet and Conservative MPs sent messages telling them to accuse Labour of hypocrisy calling for the u-turn.