Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The voters are showing little loyalty as their is little leadership

The Sun reports a 5 point poll drop for the Conservatives which gives Labour a general election winning lead, were ballot held today.

The short term cause of this is the banker and private sector/wealth creation bashing that master RedEd Miliband has been engaging in. You see he's getting the credit because instead of standing against him the Conservatives have tried to pretend they agree. That means RedEd gets all the credit, and the fickle public start to buy into his whole crackpot leftwing good/bad capitalism 6th form argument. Perhaps George Osborne has just twigged this, but his intervention is way too late. This is were the triangulation and modernisation of what used to e the Conservative party falls flat on its face. ( Just as it tragically did in 2010. )

The wider story is the mob is fickle, spooked and willing to change its mind - especially if it see the herd heading in a particular direction. After all, apart from thinking things through - which lets face it isn't a popular voter preoccupation - what else do people have to go on.

There's a vacuum where there should be leadership - telling people that bonuses get taxed at 50% and then spent on stuff which mostly boosts the UK economy and is based on services given to those outside the UK !

This really is not going to go very well, unless some of the Conservative leadership start growing a backbone.

( This author takes it as read that having Lib Dems in any coalition is like have saboteurs in your ship - eagerly trying to kill everyone. But its no excuse everyone knows what sort of people they are so Cameron should be putting them in places where they can't do too much damage - unlike DECC ).

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