Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The rejection of Greece

I have mixed emotions about the Greek tragedy unfolding in front of us.

All sides are at fault. The Greek government certainly deceived other nations when it joined the Euro, and the people of Greece have voted for governments that anyone who cared to think about it would have know were dishonest. The Debt time bomb has ticked loudly and constantly. Maybe they thought if it went of the Germans would save them. Well they know better now.

But the behaviour of the EU has been worse. Greece should have defaulted a year ago and started down the road to restructuring and recovery. However that was very inconvenient for the EU. French, Italian and German banks needed time to get out and save themselves, hence burning the people of Greece was a necessary cost to the rulers from Brussels. Its also becoming clear that at least part of the German government now wants to force the Greeks to default.

This is the same EU that forced and virtually appointed its own place man as Greek PM.

In the media you can hear the pathetic cries from Greek politicians for "solidarity" ( ie other peoples money ) to keep the show on the road. They have been domesticate by the EU, agreed to be gelded, and are now being ejected having been robbed of the ability to survive into the cold winter night.

Black Wednesday, when the Germans stabbed the UK square between the shoulder blades, resulted in the Labour disaster for which we will be repaying all of our live and had a profound impact on UK politics. I can only try to imagine the impact on Greece ( & Cyprus ). The results could be extreme.

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James Higham said...

The most frightening part is who is in charge of it all.