Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Escalation in the South Atlantic

Is something up in the South Atlantic ?

A planted question was used in PMQs to allow the Prime Minister to accuse the Argentines of colonialism and that he had been discussing military issues.

This looks like a public warning to Argentina.

The next question is why is it necessary ? You have to assume the military threat has increased. Does HMG have intelligence suggesting trouble ? ( Any linke to the Star Princess being sent back recently ? )

We won't be told, but its starting to look like something is string down there.

If so act now and act decisively.

It was encouraging to see Argentine aggression called by its proper name by David Cameron - colonialism. The appropriate squeals have come from the Argentine govt, but its time the world was made aware that the Falklands are 400 miles away from South America and their people have as much right to their homes, customs and government as those of the United States of America or even Argentina itself.

But it is also an olive branch, if Buenos Aires was capable of seeing it. A similar declaration of no selfish interest as has been made over Northern Ireland. The task for Argentina is to persuade the Falkland Islanders of the merits of being in their country as opposed to the UK. the more they try to bully, the closer the Falkland Islanders will cling to the UK.

Update: It looks like acts of provocation, aggression and bullying are being planned by the thuggish government in Bueno Aires. See here.


James Higham said...

The UK needs another distraction from what's going on in the society. Argentina ditto. Situation has never altered - the Falklands are a pawn.

Man in a Shed said...

I think the pun ch up with the ECHR is the planned distraction.

Loss of the Falklands, by far the most likely outcome of any military conflict, could kill of the current government and frankly destroy the United Kingdom.