Friday, December 16, 2011

Prime Minister Cleggie

I was going to title this Prime Minister Miliband, but I think the best way for #RedEd to play his cards would be to make Cleggie PM. I'll outline that as option 1 and the more likely Prime Minister Miliband as option 2.

Option 1: Labour offer the Lib Dems a coalition lead by Nick Clegg which would include all scroungers from the minor parties in an unexploded coalition. Why allow Cleggie to be PM ? Because it adds to the temptation, strokes Lib Dem egos even further, and provides a human shield to soak up the blame for the disaster that is bound to follow.

This can happen now - the Lib Dems and parliamentary arithmetic could change coalitions. though the procedure for getting one party out of power to imposing another might be rather difficult. ( Would a vote of no confidence force what exactly ? The PM can no longer ask for a dissolution of parliament in this session ).

Option2: The Lib Dems revolt - desperate to re-establish their brand and wingers and moaners on behalf of any cause that has votes attached to it before the nightmare (for them) of the 2015 general election. Clegg gets deposed and the new chief whiner phones #RedEd up to offer to make him PM. #RedEd is stupid enough to say yes.
We have a rainbow govt of all the vested interests just at the time that our credit rating gets blown away and we can't borrow any more money to bribe them with.
Chaos - with ministerial broadcasts from Ed Miliband to explain it - ensues.
(Time to leave the country ).

Neither of these two options is as unlikely as many of us would like to believe..

I guess a minority Conservative govt is perhaps option 3 - but given that most of the key things ahve now been done that require legislation that might not be too bad.

But just to warn you - you might wake up one morning and discover Cleggie is PM under our current crazy parliament term limits.


Elby the Beserk said...

Fergeddabahtit. Edenoid is unelectable. Too weird and bug-eyed. I mean - the Labour Party put Brown in power, knowing he was bonkers, and then make Edenoid leader, surely knowing that he even less chance of connecting with the British public. We have to be thankful that there is on-one in the Labour party remotely cut out to lead them back form the wilderness - even if the only consolation regarding the Tories is that they aren't Labour

Man in a Shed said...

However this is a way for him to become PM without needing to face the electorate.. that's what makes it so frightening.