Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Youth uneployment

Here's the thing - pension ages are being pushed back. Education will soon be compulsory to 18 with a targeted 50% wanting to continue to at least 21, and youth unemployment is back with avengeance.

News night last night was on the subject with a audience meeting Paxman, Chris Grayling and a me me me look at me David Miliband (who was trying to channel Nick Clegg and his sickly crawling to the audience lines ).

Some of the young people made some sense. Most of them were good at saying what had happened to them, but very poor at understanding why.

One or two showed that they might understand that a media studies degree might not have been a good idea in hindsight. But the majority showed how domesticated by the state system they had become.

Where's the help ? Where are the course and training after University ( mentioned by one young man apparently oblivious to his having been in full time education since the age of 5 for 16 years ! - why did he think a few more months would help ? ) Why can't the state just make more jobs ? The govt must do something !

This is what happens when you raise these poor victims in a socialist theme park that our education system has become. The sense of entitlement and diversity training are there - but the grip on reality is just missing.

Over 75% of jobs go to immigrants in the UK ( almost all of whom didn't have English as a native tongue ). 90% of new jobs created went to immigrants.

The question is why ?

Round where I live plumbers and cleaner advertise themselves as being Polish - as their reputation is so good.

My brother tells me of a friend of his who runs a car wash in Liverpool and employs immigrants as the local unemployed youth don't turn up to work, scare the customers, don't work hard and are a general pain in the neck. ( Perhaps the vast amount of time and money we all spend on education needs to address these issues ).

Its time for a more radical overhaul of how we educate and train our young people.

I have a lot of sympathy for the young people on newsnight last night. They are the victims of socialism and left wing muddled education, and they lack the self awareness to even know it.


Antisthenes said...

Agreed. There are a few employable youngsters out there the ones who managed to escape the socialist dominated education system or made good despite it. Scrapping the minimum wage, another socialist inspired policy, would go a long way in helping them find employment.

Elby the Beserk said...

That's why the Free School movement is SO important, as it breaks the dead hand of the state. And infuriates the Lefties. Anyone who thinks the state does a good job of educating kids is blind. It's a shambles. I have a 1960s text book for the Maths 'O' level. The exams are harder than the current Maths A levels.

Anonymous said...

I watched last nights programme with disbelief. Most seemed to have some idea that they were entitled to exactly the type of work they wanted, at a wage they expected and all with little effort. I was especially amused by the girl who wanted to do a course in song writing!

James Higham said...

Good, good, looking at the yoof issue is important and well done. Now let's look at the over 55 employment situation.

Anonymous said...

the over 55s voted for all of this

Mark Wadsworth said...

Broadly agreed, but Anon makes a good point about who engineered this situation.