Thursday, October 20, 2011

A vote to break up the UK but not leave the EU - come on Mr Cameron !

So when the SNP won the Scottish election Mr Cameron was quick to let it be known that a referendum on Scottish Independence would be allowed.

He also promised a referendum on Lisbon but then used an excuse to get out of it.

How come the UK can be dismantled by referendum, but can't become sovereign again with one Mr Cameron ?

( I'm afraid the answer really lies in how we are governed, and how those who govern us think they can just dismiss our opinions and wishes. )


Future History of England said...

Sure the Scots can have a vote, what does Dave know of the North.

James Higham said...

Cameron is aiding and abetting the breaking up of England into the regions [already done but still without the stamp] and is closely embroiled with the unelected EU Commission. At least he's elected.