Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Signs of the times

Just had an unpleasant 45 mins on Virgin Trains.

The problem ?

A few of the other passengers.

Apparently what I'm about to tell you is now common.

A few people without reservations sit in reserved seats. When they are challenged they say all the reservations are cancelled and they themselves found their seats taken.

The rumour spreads through the crowded carriage and becomes self forefilling. Now the entire train is filled with irate passengers. A few, like myself, with,young families. ( A conversation between my wife and the guard an hour later confirmed these facts. )

One man had to be restrained from smashing a laptop over someone else's head. ( Nothing to do with me, though my blood pressure was high enough. )

This is a sign of the times. The low down common cheating and lying that permeates much of our society and the failure of the authorities ( in this case Virgin Trains ) to react.

I'm tempted to ask you to guess where the train is traveling to, but you already know don't you.

My seats were taken by another family. I should have asked to see the reservation they claimed to have lost. What I fear is that the grandfather was lying and his grandkids will inherit his dirty thieving habits.

PS We are still making MPs travel second class right ?

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James Higham said...

There's a musical vignette coming up at my place this evening and it relates to this. Some of the words: "sit down, stop trying to interfere, it'll stop you looking so unnervingly sincere, if it is an emergency, it's too late and anyway, with whom does the cord communicate?"

Sounds like hell on earth down there.