Monday, October 10, 2011

More inconvenient truth

Sorry been a bit quiet of late - loads of work to get done.

But it looks like there's more bad news for the Warmist fanatics as solar variability's getting harder to ignore. Today its the discovery that ultraviolet variability with solar cycles has been making the weather warmer in the Arctic and Greenland - just the headline facts being used to push the Warmist agenda with its economic suicide plan.

The BBC were quick to remind us that this doesn't impact on the holy truth of global warming ( they were sufficiently desperate this morning to use those two words - which are normally hedged as climate change these days since the snow started falling on the Copenhagen farce).

I guess we must but hope that the penny has dropped in government circles ( with the exception of Huhne who's beyond all hope of redemption ).


TheFatBigot said...

We mustn't ignore that the Arctic is the Holy Grail of Warmism these days. Without melting ice up north (conveniently ignoring accumulating ice down south) nothing that is actually happening gets close to vindicating their hubristic exaggerations.

(Still a tad miffed that my contribution to Silly Week remains unrecognised.)

Woman on a Raft said...

If it is the sun which is changing its activity I fail to see how anything we can do will make any difference.

Does the Sun God Ra accept human sacrifices of LD MPs? I don't mind giving that a whirl.