Monday, September 12, 2011

The left don't care, they are just selfish about guilt

Just reading Tim Worstall having a go at Melissa Benn's intellectual or moral ( it has to be one of them ) failure on free schools something occured to me that been nagging for a while.

The left are always on about how they care ( see Polly "bleeding heart - but not enough to sell my villa in Tuscany" Toynbee for an example). And yet it s very clear what they espouse doesn't work.

For those who didn't follow the intellectual defeat of the left, there are plenty of practical real world examples.

And yet still they go on ( and on and on - just see the Stalinist dinosaurs at the TUC today ).

I have come to the conclusion that many of those on the right really do care, enough to do the right thing.

On the left they just want to make their personal guilt feeling s go away (see the #LibDems ), and whatever fixes that personal need fastest is what they go with. ( Hence many of the public school educated aristocratic socialists ).

In reality with the left its all really selfish.

We mistake their protestations for an interest in other people when in reality they are just concerned about themselves and how they are feeling.

Discuss ...


James Higham said...

Yes, they make me sick too. I've been on about them of late too.

Ed P said...

I beg to disagre - the left do care from their perspective. It's just that their perspective is not clear enough to give them understanding.
I was LW at university and for too too many years after it. But there came a moment of clarity, of perception, when suddenly all the misfitting elements of my beliefs became more obvious. I liken it to a gradual journey up a mountain: at first one's vision is restricted and certain elements must be believed. Then, as one goes higher, more is apparent, until the full perspective is revealed. My blinkers were removed and I saw clearly the errors of my assumptions, as impressed by friends & colleagues over many years. My truth is that socialism is inherently corrupt and incapable of ever achieving its stated aims. Now all the half-truths and received "wisdom" have been swept away, leaving a clearer mind unfettered by dogma and guilt. Hooray!