Monday, September 05, 2011

Clegg sacrifices the future of children to appease his Guardinista Lib Dem party members

Onto the bonfire go children's futures as that most selfish of parties insists their ideological hatreds are placed ahead of the good education of our children.

Clegg thinks he's being clever trying to save his job by making an issue out of stopping profit for free schools.

But what is he really saying ?

That schools should not be run efficiently, effectively and have parents choose them if they do. ( Which is what the profit motive ensures ).

Remember schools run for profit would have to achieve that by being run far better than other schools.

Here of course is the real objection of the selfish Guardian reader class, many of whom are employed in our education industry who prime objective seems to be employing and paying teachers well, rather than providing a good education.

The Unions and the left are scared to death that our children might be allowed a good education achieved without using the Stalinist approaches they approve of.

Choice is good - profit ensures that the choices are good.

The Lib Dems should hang their heads in shame for the nasty way they are sacrificing the futures of many children just because some of their own membership can't get its heads round basic ideas and facts.

Again the Lib Dems show why they are such an unpleasant political party of selfish people.


JohnRS said...

Apparently only the state can "do" very important things like education - in the same way only they can "do" health propoerly.

So why don't we have a National Food Service then?

Anonymous said...

A National Food Service? Yes! So much better than these big businesses like the evil Tesco making millions from, errrm, selling what people want to buy, unrationed and without waiting lists. Ugly face of capitalism, blah blah Chomsky blah wibble.

Anonymous said...

Can't think of a good reason why the profit motive can't be brought to the armed forces either. Seems to me that Tesco's procurement team would have won the war in Afghanistan years ago.