Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Politicians

So how much blame belongs with the politicians for the recent riots ?

The newspapers had fun with the by now annual game of get the leader to return from holiday early. Though to be fair it was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel given the ammunition of the euro / US / and London riots.

It seems that something is amiss to have too many key senior office holders out of rye country at the same time. A lesson to be learnt perhaps, though wasn't Nick Clegg supposed to be minding the shop ?

But that's a side show compared to the game of pinning the blame for last weeks breakdown of law & order on anyone other than the flat footed plod.

Theresa May - as Home Sec the buck really should pass her desk first. She has been one of the more confident performer in the coalition, until this event. She came home early from her holiday and has good relations with the police, or at least as far as I can tell. But she is not a visionary leader, she is one of the technocrat types who have risen in politics. Thanks goodness she's competent but she can't overcome that lack of long range vision and purpose. She has barely done enough to redeem herself for that almost unforgivable conference speech all those years ago. In short she's just not up to the leadership job that's required here.

Ed Miliband - with his family schooling in Marxism RedEd is just blind to what going on. His world view says it can't happen. He reminds me of those spectators at the Oval in Douglas Adams Hitch Hicker's Guide to the Galaxy stories whom refuse to see the space ship land in front of them as they have no conceptual framework to hand it on ( similar rumours exist about the native Americans being unable to see the first European ships in their waters ).

What RedEd does understand is that the public are scared, angry and ready to ditch the liberal moral relativism that he and his professional politicians leftie chums have been busy trying to establish as the consensus. RedEd is playing for time - he doesn't care as he doesn't understand and indeed can't understand the issue, but he does understand its consequences hence his opting for the long game of reviews, inquiries etc - which he hopes the Lefts superiority in pundits and control of the BBC agenda will allow the public's attention to be refocused and to be told and believe that something other than the mass break down in law and order due to criminality actually happened. Ed Miliband is thus an enemy of the common people and will do his best to do great harm to this nation. The good news is that the nation is surely not insane enough to let him.

So this leaves us with David Cameron to save the day ( I'm sorry this is serious stuff so the Lib Dems just don't count ). He knows how to react - tough sentences, clear condemnation, a little slow on the holiday return test, getting in help from the US to provide a counter balance to our politicised ( by Labour) police force, even sounding tough on the Human Rights Act ( which is a virtual golden calf as far as the Godless left and confused Lib Dems are concerned ). But here's the problem - David Cameron doesn't have the philosophical framework to hang all this on based on his previous leadership ( yes there will be clever spad's who can put together a set of quotes to show how wrong this is - but we all know David Cameron is another manager, much less of a visionary leader ).

If this had happened on Margaret Thatcher's watch there would have been no need to listen to her make a speech on the steps of downing street - we would have known what she thought, and what she was going to do - and even have a shudder when we think of the fate of those who might get in her way for getting it done. ( Yes she'd have made the speech also - but it would have just confirmed what we already knew about her and her vision ).

David Cameron has vision deficit syndrome, and that is a terminal condition if untreated in a political leader. Personally I doubt he will do anything about the Human Rights Act - or at least anything meaningful. And if he can't do that everything else will just fall.

If I hadn't just had such a great holiday down on the coast of Dorset and in the heart of Devon I'd be pretty depressed by now thinking about this.

Its a sad fact often repeated by fellow commentators on twitter and blogs that the current crop of leaders just don't seem to up to the job.

I suspect part of the problem is that their criteria for success was getting those jobs in the first place, not what they could do with them.

I'm afraid on the London Riots/Looting I'm with Damian Thompson - this is just the beginning of a breakdown in English society that not even the leader of the Conservative party understands or is ready to tackle. ( And this blog is still officially a Conservtiave supporting blog, written by a paid up Conservative party member. )

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James Higham said...

still officially a Conservtiave supporting blog, written by a paid up Conservative party member

It might surprise that I still am as well and voted Tory at the council elections.