Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The government and the mayor have 6 hours to get ahead of the game

Three days of mass rioting shows that this has passed from the ability of senior police officers to control with their current rules of engagement and resources.

Hence their failure now passes the buck up to the layer of government.

David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson need to understand they will be judged on events tonight.

The terms of the law enforcement efforts need to be changed by them in the next 6 hours or they will join in the responsibility for what happens tonight.

They need to consider:

  1. Curfews;
  2. Army back up for the fire brigade & maybe police;
  3. Shutting down the mobile phone data networks in London;
  4. More aggressive localised policing ( you can't do it everywhere, but one or two traps to crush disorder might help ).
They also need to counter the argument the left are trying to make by telling the left that this is their fault due to the failure of morality in London.

They've got six hours to make decisions that could make a difference. They need to speak to people on the streets to understand what this means to them, as well as the police repeating their common purpose diversity trained brain washed lines.

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