Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Ed Miliband's lukewarm condemnation of the teacher's strikes

I've just placed the following comment on Ed Miliband's blog in answer to his half hearted objection to strikers making him unpopular blog post here. Will it make it through the Labour censors ?

    Ed, the problem I have with this post is that it seems to just be opportunist. You know that strikes holding children and parents to ransom will be very unpopular and anyone who associates with the NUT and ATL will be unpopular too. So your distancing yourself. ( It would be helpful if you condemn the moral failings of these Unions in using children’s education and parents ability to work to blackmail the government with. You might also pass on some home truths to public sector workers about the apocalypse in private pensions that the last government presided over and how there will never be the political support to condemn those who earn the nations wealth to poverty whilst the public sector gets fantastic pensions which are paid for by crush the poor private sector workers with taxes. )

    The problem is you don’t recognise Labour’s culpability. Labour ran the structural deficit. Labour mishandled the financial sector. Labour bleed private sector pensions to death whilst turning on the fire hoses of spending on unreformed public services to buy yourself votes with. Labour placed us all in the terrible debt we now face. You need to confess that Labour were responsible for these massive failures and show you understand what went wrong. The Debt Denial policy and the cowardly refusal to explain where you would be forced to cut just won’t do.

    Greece is the fate that awaits us under your current approach – lets hear some fresh thinking starting with a recognition of reality and some very humble apologies for the disaster Labour created and the Coalition is having to try and fix.

    I suspect you’ll chose denial instead, but go on surprise me.


Anonymous said...

I take it you blame your inability to spell & use correct grammar inthis unmitigated tosh, on overpaid teachers?

Man in a Shed said...

My teacher used to blame the gerbils running over his type writer for this stuff. Not sure I could get away with the same.

But if it makes you all nice warm and fuzzy in any left-wing reality denying delusions you may have then that's an extra bonus for you. Enjoy.