Wednesday, June 01, 2011

England's industrial death wish

The progressive establishment's green fantasy has reached the point that its starting to kill of the industry in our country. ( Or export it to countries that don't have such mind boggingly stupid people in charge. )

We are told that the economy needs to be rebalanced away from financial services back to manufacturing. But the extra energy costs and carbon taxes are strangling it.

Those with the wisdom of a PPE degree at Oxford tell us that the new "green industries" will emerge to compensate for these loses. But in reality studies have shown that for each green job created 3.5 are destroyed. And anyway why do our industrially ignorant rulers think that England will be manufacturing any green technology if we lose our capability in other areas of manufacturing ?

The French have signalled they won't be joining us on the Clifton suspension bridge for our industrial suicide bid, and that you can forget Kyoto 2 as far as they are concerned.

But we have that national disgrace Chris "I haven't been sacked because I'm a Lib Dem" Huhne announcing ridiculous "carbon reduction targets that are to be placed into law.

This has gone beyond husky hugging triangulation to mindless industrial suicide.

Add to this the fact we know much of the Global Warming industry have been lying to us and you end up thinking what we need is a few psychiatrists in govenrment to help our PPE Oxbridge wonders work out why they hate the country so much as to want to destroy it like this.

H/T to David Blackburn's article on Coffee House which some of this is based upon.

Further: "Currently, four out of the UK's eight refineries are in a sale process and all are under pressure from high-volume, cheaper rivals in Asia, which are not subject to the same £1bn green taxes on the industry." - Rowan Mason - Energy Correspondent at the Telegraph here.


i albion said...

There is something terribly wrong with Cameron these are all his plans,
I really don't think ( and i mean this quite sincerely folks)he is right in the mind, and i don't mean Right as in wing.

View from the Solent said...

The green fantasy has become Ouroboros. Grauniad

Hoist, petard, etc.

James Higham said...

The most dismaying thing about this are the lies upon which it is based - the false constructs. If it was indeed as they claim, then ... OK ... maybe.

But it's nothing of the sort and they're crippling the country [or at least preventing it from recovering] on the strength of something essentially false.

The party should have not gone into coalition, lived as a minority, dumped Cameron, gone to election again and come back as the government.