Saturday, April 30, 2011

A memory of the Royal Family in East Germany

Just reading about all the foreign media interest in the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Family is like Dave Listers (Red Dwarf) famous curry friend egg sandwich - it all seems wrong, but somehow it works.

It made me think of seeing as a boy the outside of the British Embassy in East Berlin, when communism was still a going concern.

What did the diplomatic staff put in their window to wind the commies up ? An explanation of how the Royal Family worked and how wonderful he Queen was of course. Guaranteed to have any keen communist chocking on his 5 year plan cornflakes ( or oat based gruel - frankly I don't even want to think about it )...

The Iranian media is wrong - the Royals are far cheaper than our politicians - just look how much "the son of the manse" cost us.

Imagine the self righteous politicians let lose with palaces, private jets etc.

Yes somehow you wonder about having a monarchy in the 21 century - until you think of the alternative.

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