Monday, February 28, 2011

Less Tax + no cuts = more debt

Announcements from Labour so far:

  • Cuts are evil - kitten murdering Tories and making too many and too soon.
  • Unpopular taxes are evil - like VAT ( even though they planned to raise it also )

How are they planning on funding this fools paradise ?


And of course the plan to get elected is to deny this fact.

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Andy said...

Labour have provided no reason for why their slower cuts would actually work.
Slower cuts means more borrowing which means greater debt and the loss of our lender status being downgraded.
They HOPE that they can cntinue to borrow until we are out of recession.

This is delusional or more likely just more Labour lies.

With less money in peoples pockets then we buy less and more businesses collapse.

While our borders are open we have to share our revenue with more and more people.

The Conservatives and LibDems are as much to blame for the mess this country is in through their using politics to put bigger profits into businessmens pockets.

There is only ONE solution: Population reduction, but no political party would touch this policy with a barge pole. So instead the vultures arrive to pick the last scraps of economic meat from the bones of this road kill of a nation.