Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling defenceless

A quick note, as I'll be off to the local Chinese takeaway in a minute.

Its striking the number of media articles and letters all complaining about the defence cuts that have come out based on the Libya evacuation fiasco. ( Caused it seems by ineffective civil servants - the product of Labour's emphasis on political correctness over effectiveness no doubt. )

Some complain about the absence of Ark Royal and its Harriers - without mentioning that it would be extremely vulnerable to air attack as Labour scrapped the Sea Harriers that at least had a air to air capability to make most air forces think twice. The ground attack Harriers just wouldn't be able to stop a determined air attack or for that matter defend themselves against a half decent air force.

Some complain about the low supplies in the armed forces and over stretch ( see Blair's wars and the Army's willingness to play along for the sake of a role ).

Then we have the bellyaching over Nimrods - without anyone paying much attention to the monumental waste of money and balls up that the Nimrod MR4 project has been. Apparent each aircraft had different parts and none were air worthy !

Then remember the debt. Yes the debt the repayments each year on which now dwarfs our defence budget.

If we are now defenceless - its because Labour wanted us that way.

We will have to sit out the next few wars as we rebuild our balance sheet, rebuild our stores, lick our wounds and prepare for the future without being betrayed by the monumental incompetence of the MOD.

We may well have to live through some nasty incidents and humiliations in the mean time - but its all necessary if we are to remain a sovereign ( ie solvent ) nation.

I'm all for a strong defence - but we need to acknowledge the depth of the disaster Labour have left us with and set about the very painful and not without its dangers job of putting things right.

We must also ensure that Labour and the worms like Ed Miliband are not allowed to escape their share of the blame for the weak state they have left the country in.

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

Well that is all very well but the amount of aid we give to India alone would have paid for most of the defence cuts.

Nobody doubts the need to pay off Gordon's extravagance, but there are better ways to do it than to render the country defenceless just as the Middle East kicks off again.

Incompetent muppets.