Monday, February 07, 2011

Debt, not 'cuts', will destroy society

What a wonderful life it is for the BBC. Every morning they just have to trawl though the words from press releases and speeches in electronic format and look for the word "cuts" and they have a story ready for the morning news.

Since someone else will have said it, they can use the fig leaf that they are just reporting. Its impartial after all right ?

Everyone who's budget is being cut, or in many case not increased, is squealing. Local councils etc are offering up the "Red Arrows*" defence of bus and other high profile cuts whilst protecting their diversity and community cohesion managers for climate change.

But almost never do we have any reporting of the impact of the debt. Reporting on Ireland and Greece has gone quiet in BBC land.

Soon we will pay more in debt interest than on education. ( But of course you'll never see Socialist Worker banners handed out saying this to gullible students being reported on by the likes of Paul Mason. )

Its debt that will destroy our country as well sell tomorrow to bribe our today.

Where's the BBC investigation of what it could be like if our currency collapsed ? Where the consideration of what debt will do to future generations ? The inter-generational theft Nick Clegg has mentioned ?

Not from the BBC you can be sure. The BBC just has its left wing agenda to bring about another Labour government and destroy our country yet further with the sclerosis of debt.

* The Red Arrows defence is the ploy by which a government department or body always offers up the cut that will create the most publicity. Hence a cut in the RAF will mean the Red Arrows are under threat as they are much loved by the public ( oddly didn't happen this time, but it has on many other occasions ).

Update: It turns out the story that inspired this post on the BBC ( about evil kitten murdering cuts from bastard Tories of course ) has dropped down their running order. I wonder if its because its being pointed out that the source is a long time Labour supporter ?


Anonymous said...

They are at it again on radio two this morning (wed). Lead story a reduction the allowances of the forces. (A reduction I disagree with by the way). BUT, strangely enough nothing on the BBC website. The gov't really needs to deal with the BBC.

James Higham said...

This is the old one-two. Come in with the lead [debt] and finish us off with the cut [cuts].

Both are a deadly combination.