Saturday, February 19, 2011

Annoucing what you are going to say before you say it is damaging out democracy

But only because the media reports it.

A new trick was invented in the days of New Labour. To ensure that no opposition spokesperson should get a look in on an announcement they pre-announced speeches.

Those who wanted to react had nothing to react against. They needed to wait for the text to be read out to be sure nothing would get changed at the last moment. By that time the key message was out unchallenged in the media and the story was old hat.

A great move for all those spin doctors, but its destroyed debate.

Today we have Ed Miliband pre-announcing an attack on the future of the English NHS ( delivered perversely from the Welsh Labour conference - the Welsh NHS thanks to its more socialism model kills far more of its victims than event the English one does ).

Its all designed to sent out unchallenged sound-bites into the media. No wonder politics is in such an awful mess these days. ( And lets be clear all sides now do this ).


Scrobs... said...

Good point MIAS.

Al Beeb also adds to the imbalance by saying things like "The Tories 'INSIST' - implying that they're wrong, or the Tories are 'TRYING TO' etc etc" hoping for the same result.

Usually, the Beeb gets their socialist message across, with some spitting journalist, dribbling at any disaster they've happily reported in the hope that it will all get worse.

Except for the Nulabyrinthine denial of disgraceful administration for all those years.

Anonymous said...

absolutelty agree. as an Ed. i used to get pathetic press releases telling me what politicians were going to is pathetic,, when has anyone ever seen a politician get up on a soapbox and debate with people?

Modern politics is crap