Thursday, January 13, 2011

Labour's new debt and history denial strategy

At last Red Ed has woken up the idea that Labour's selling our children and us into debt slavery has been a little unpopular.

So like Red Len on the radio earlier in the week he has a new re-write of history that will let Labour say it will do something, but their only mistake was to trust the evil capitalist banks who murder kittens round the clock in the docklands. ( Even though the banks in trouble where all Labour heartland banks with close political connections to Labour. )

So perhaps they didn't 'rebalance the economy' enough. Perhaps there wasn't enough blaming of the banks. But let nobody remember the structural deficit that Labour started as soon as Brown shock of the Tory spending plans two years in. Let no one remember the failure to reform or the deceit of rising educational standards when we now know that was a very cruel deceit at the expense of our youth.

Yes Labour can't bring themselves to admit what wen't wrong, but they are rather worried the general public are going to understand. So a new lie is required from Gordon Brown's closest of allies who has been imposed on the Labour party by the Trade Unions ( which means public sector trade unions - they who ensure our public services can't imp[rove and will drag us to the depths of economic destruction socialists dream about drowning us all in so much. )

Read the Guardian article on the new lies Ed Miliband has approved and weep....

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