Monday, April 19, 2010

The week of the Black Swan

It just occurs to me that we have had two of the type of events that we are warned about in Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book The Black Swan.

That is potentially high consequence yet rare and unlikely events.

1) Nick Clegg manages to get away with claiming the Lib Dems are different in terms of the expenses ( the facts say otherwise ) and is allowed to brush off the funding of the Lib Dem party from dubious sources. The public responds with X Factor like support.

2) All air traffic is stopped because of a volcano in Iceland.

Both have potentially disastrous consequences for the UK. Nick Clegg may be forced by the left wing Lib Dem party to support their fellow left-wingers and keep Brown as PM. ( I personally think Clegg can't stand Brown and is very close to Conservative view points on many things - unlike Red Vince Cable - and would prefer to make David Cameron PM - but his party won't let him. )

But its the volcano that shows the real consequences of incompetant government such as we've had under Labour.

The current volcano situation could be worse - much worse ( and may still become so ). We could be looking at crop failure over much of the Northern Hemisphere, and starvation in this country.

Do you think the government is prepared ?

This government can't even organise salting the roads, and is taken in by the Global Warming industry to allow us to destroy our industry and export our jobs to the far east. They have no chance of making suitable preparations, which have high political cost, but little likelihood of political payback.

When the general election is over this issue needs to be properly revisted - and by a Conservative government.

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