Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to kill the Lib Dems stone dead

Its occurred to me that we should refuse any coalition or negotiation in the event of a hung parliament, and David Cameron should announce that policy now.

If asked to form a government we should present a budget and dare the other parties to vote it down. If they do then unless they form a coalition a new general election should be called.

Its time to stop Nick Clegg playing the field ( where did he develop that habit from ? ).

People need to be clear - vote Lib Dem get Gordon Brown as prime minister.

As soon as that happens the Lib Dem poll position will collapse.

PS The poster was uploaded onto by a Coffee house reader - can't find a name to credit, but well done.

Update: This is clearly the approach the Lib Dems fear the most as today we have Clegg trying to distance himself from the idea of supporting Brown as PM.

Major update: David Cameron is announcing this policy today. There will be no giving in to blackmail from the Lib Dems from a Conservative government ( not that the Lib Dems could ever have delivered given their mistrust of even their own leader with the Triple Lock Mechanism ).


I Albion said...

I think Cameron has buggered it up,
always thought they picked the wrong man for the job,i can not imagine him doing anything sensible at this late date, hope i am wrong.

Man in a Shed said...

Its clear the leaders debate was a massive tactical mistake, but it doesn't mean there aren't lots of things Cameron has done which are right.

The danger is the X-Factor nature - where no one even thinks about the consequences of who they elect - and just assume they are watching another TV show.

The public don't like politicians and don't think politics has much to do with their everyday lives.

In 6 months they will know how much the Gordon Brown debt disaster is really going to impact them, but by then it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

the leaders debate makes one think how stpid these party conferences are, like a boxer hitting a pnchbag that does'nt hit back