Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cameron wins the third debate

David Cameron has finally seem fully engaged ! He's a man on fire tonight.

David Cameron 9
Gordon Brown 7
Nick Clegg 4

Brown was better than last time for a debate that must have been hard to compose himself for. But the droning on and the failure to recognise his record have done for him.

Clegg is just trying to pull the same tricks we've seen twice before. The hand waving, the old party tag, the lets stop making political points - political point. The media room is apparently laughing at him each time he tries to pull it, and so is the country. Clegg has blown it and got no points across at all this week. ( He's also just a bit too orange tonight - perhaps the lighting isn't right for him, but his luminous tie doesn't help. )

Cameron fought much harder at the start and wasn't afraid top strike this time, and very effective it was too. Some very fast thinking by him - like turning the £20k tax threshold around to show that Labour think anyone who earns more than that as rich and ready to be taxed.

Also the pointing out that the state and the economy aren't the same thing scores good points.

I think you'll see Labour's slide stop, but the Lib Dem bubble has been burst.

Cameron is the only man who looks and sounds like a prime minister, and Brown has started questioning him as if he already is ! Clegg looks tired and exasperated.

Brown implicitly conceding defeat by talking about a Conservative government with Lib Dems. The BBC hates his neagtive message on his closing speech !

A clear win for David Cameron - and I hope the country also !

PS Bye bye Gordon.


Dioclese said...

I agree and I was a floating voter until an hour ago. Time to fill in the postal ballot I think.

On a lighter note I just posted his swansong on my blog. Let's hope the nightmare of Labour is finally coming to an end...

Man in a Shed said...

Its a catchy tune ....