Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brown's pitch to the IT workers he helped to decimate

This link gives a link to a rather pathetic article by the bringer of IR35 and mass IT immigration for the votes of IT workers. ( I assume its one of the approved Brown Balls team cabal who penned it. )

It also shows one of Labour's key delusions and failures.

The delusion is that government's create jobs.

The failure is that even those jobs that were created in the private sector ( by any and all means ) seem to have gone to foreigners.

But none of this will stop Labour from trying to pull the "White heat of technology" ploy again.

They know it doesn't work - for the country - but hope it might work for them.

This is a pattern repeated in so much else of what Labour does and explains, in part, why they are unfit to hold office.


Monty Cristo said...

I stopped reading CW years ago 'cos it was rubbish, I was ahead of the pack. The reason I'm reading your blog today, is because my little bit of the IT world has re-located to India. I bet they all pay top rate income tax over there as I used to!

Bish said...

As one of the IT workers made redundant from HBOS when Lloyds took it over in a botched attempt to save Gordon Brown's political career, I find this article insulting.

This government has "off-shored" thousands of IT jobs to India and the anecdotal evidence that I hear from my former colleagues is that the people who replaced me and my other colleagues are unable to provide the service that we used to.

Can't complain though, I set up my own business with my redundancy money so it's worked out well for me. I still won't be voting for Crash Gordon though.