Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue skys and a green land

There's little point saying much political today. The fight to expose the Lib Dem or suck up to them ( as Peter Mandelson's trying to do right now ) can get by without me just now.

I went along to the Woking Churches together hustings, but I'm going to delay commenting on them for a small bit until the aftermath of the LeadersDebate mk2 is over.

In the mean time - look what aircraft did to the blue skys over Woking on their first day back.

( Note the sky over Woking is blue still, not a depressing yellow. )

Also there's something in the picture below (click to enlarge ).


Mrs Rigby said...


ContraTory said...

Well, I can't see the Liberal Democrat "Winning here!" poster anywhere. Perhaps the deer knocked it over.

Man in a Shed said...

@Mrs R - you could be right. It was in a small area of woodland in a built up area.

An old friend of mine used to see them come to her pond to drink each morning nearby.