Friday, March 26, 2010

Vote now - Pay later

Labour's strategy has had two main string to its bow since new Labour was formed.
1) We're all well off now, surely its only right to spend more money on the state. ( Tony Blair's pitch to the guilt ridden middle classes - aka Mondeo Man ).
2) The state will steal from other people to give you money. If you vote for the other lot this will stop. ( Gordon Brown's pitch - which you can recognise over the whole 13 years, but really has been at the forefront since 2005. )
String 1 is now well and truly snapped by reality.

That leaves extortion as Labour's main pitch, so they are gearing up ( forgive the pun ) to play it for all its worth.

The disgusting use of cancer patients and worried parents by Labour is just the beginning. They will argue the Tories will cut earlier and maybe more ( in fact due to interest payments its Labour that will have to cut more or tax more ).

This works for them as they will argue other people will pay. Yes the state is very inefficient and wastes tons of money - but don't worry it wasn't your money they imply. They suggest that free money is on offer with no consequences to the people who use it.

Labour have become the ultimate loan sharks - using public services as the bait.

Look at what Labour are doing to the national debt ( yes they spin - helped by the BBC - that debt and deficit sound the same ) - its going to sky rocket ( and that without all the little deceits and off balance sheet ploys Brown has employed to hide much of that debt.

And even on the deficit the reduction is only at the end of 5 years ! Imagine what the interest rates are going to cost ? ( Remember Labour have only held it together this year because the Bank of England printed them money ).

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