Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm sure Labour never willed the mid Staffs hopistal massacre - but they are responsible for it

A few days ago we had the report on the man slaughter by neglect of hundreds of patients at the Mid Staffs NHS Hospital.

It blamed managers obsessed by targets.

It didn't blame the government, who set and are also obsessed with targets, but it should have. ( Indeed the true nasty nature of Labour can be seen by their legal guarantee ploy of super targets set up just to bludgeon votes by bulling voters over their fears. )

The fault lies with the top down socialist dictatorship approach to running a massive organisation like the NHS.

By failing to recognise this Labour are condemning the same fate to many other unfortunate people. But then if Labour cared they would pay attention to the results of their policies, rather than just how the announcements sound with focus groups.

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JohnRS said...

Andy Burnham was the junior minister responsible for approving various aspects of Staffords Foundation Hospital bid. So he has blood on his hands.

Funny how he's resisting any sort of inquiry isn't it.