Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gordon Brown has moved the UK from 4th biggest economy to 7th and declining

The left wing domination of our MSM has meant that almost nobody has asked questions of Gordon Brown until recently, and then very few about the real economy.

The UK is dying under Labour.

Labour only spends and demands more resources. They may spin about efficiency and reviews etc - but the state has become a cancer taking more and more of the life blood of the nation.

The nation is now anaemic - and may soon collapse.

Now some on the left have wanted this sort of destruction and destitution all along to allow for the totalitarianism they have hankered after but have been too scared to mention openly since the fall of the Berlin wall.

But the facts are we are in sharp decline - and through his very real mistakes Gordon Brown has destroyed our economy.

It gets worse because he's destroying of diplomatic influence also. The UK is now looked at as a basket case by the US and ignored. The EU is just waiting for the English Patients to weaken enough to savagely devour its last sovereignty. I would call the man and party that brough this about traitors.

The UK will just not survivce 5 more years of this. Our enemies are chearing Gordon Brown and his Labour marxist friends on as they bring England to her knees and deliver her to her enemies.

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