Thursday, November 26, 2009

What is China's game on Global Warming ?

The BBC is announcing that China has set its first Climate Change targets.

Digging beyond the headline it appears they are saying they will use less fuels that result in CO2 emission as a proportion of GDP.

That means China plans on increasing its emissions massively.

We can hardly complain about the spin, its the same sort of playing with words in the hope of creating a false impression that Labour use as a government when they talk about reducing the deficit hoping no one will notice that means debt continues to rise all the time.

But I have been wondering what China's strategy in relation to climate change is ? The western preoccupation with loading costs on its manufacturing industries suits China very well. If I was producing Chinese strategy I'd want to encourage it as the "China peaceful rising" strategy continued. Its a form of controlled handover of world power.

But do they really accept AGW ? Does China have its own Climate Research Unit and what are they saying ? Do they release their source data ? Or are they playing us for our stupidity ?

Those are questions I'd be interested in the answer to...


View from the Solent said...

In the order of your questions
1.strateegy - laugh and rub their hands with glee
3 a) probably b) see 1 above
5. Is this a rhetorical question?

Thud said...

China works for the Chinese people..a novel concept which I'm sure will never catch on!