Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ofcom lined up in the cross hairs of any new Cameron govt

This is the sort of thing that's going to have to happen to weed out the roots of the New Labour kickback state and unelected quangocracy.

The Register reports plans to "kneecap Ofcom", sounds good to me.

How about the BBC as well ?

Of course Labour may well have prepared for this by issuing long contracts with large compensation packages that they will expect the tax payer to fund. An incoming Conservative govt should rewrite these contracts, passing new laws if necessary, to put the Labour Quango elite on the same legal basis as the rest of us, so we can fire them all.

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ContraTory said...

The Labour supporting quangocrats should be culled as soon as possible after the Conservatives return to power, even if it costs a great deal in terms of compensation payments. If they are not removed pronto, they will fester and do untold damage to the country by constantly undermining the democratically elected (but by then) unpopular Conservative Government.