Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now even the Warmists wish they had been sceptical

It seems that the reality of what has been going on in the name of science is starting to sink in with some of the Warmists.

Read the high priest of global warming ( at least in the UK ) George Monbiot here. You have to give him some credit for recognising what the CRU hack really means. I imagine the Warmists will get a grip of themselves and create a narrative that lets them ignore all this in time, but right now they are a bit at sea.

Also note the BBC is now known to have had those emails for a month ( perhaps why they were willing to go with the sceptic interviewee on Newsnight last night ).

It should no be clear the science is not settled and that that line has been used to silence debate and scientific enquiry. This would be a minor issue if we were talking about research in to some lesser spotted sea snail, but we are not. Gordon Brown and other governments will soon be competing with each other to spend the most tax payers money on reducing CO2 emissions, just when we learn that they had not properly reviewed the science and that it is suspect.

Remember we are talking about billions upon billions here. Cancer patients will die as we can't afford their medicine, children will go under educated and supported and our military will be left vulnerable as we chose to spend out money on windmills. That's not acceptable when the science is highly questionable.

PS This also shows why the badge of scepticism should be seen as one of honour in many fields. Its not cynicism but a desire to see things proven and done properly and a number of the more honest "environmental campaigners" will be wishing they had been more sceptical this week.

My view point is explained in my previous post. I have strong doubts about AWG, and think the best way to proceed is open science. Not in the closed world of academia, but open on the Internet where everyone can see. It could be the Internet's finest hour.


JMT said...

I think that the fact that this story has broken IS the internet's finest hour.

More of a worry is that this success could potentially be the Internet's last Hurrah before the establishment shut down such a inconvenient organ of freedom of speech, thought and assembly.

If/When AGW is finally consigned to the scrapheap, depriving our lords and masters of another opportunity to tax and control us, the same lords and masters will ensure that this will NEVER happen again.

Man in a Shed said...

@JMT I have to agree.

I worry that the moves to control NOMINET and to cut of internet users by the Govt combined with the Murdoch/Google spat and net neutrality issues will lead to the end of open information.

The EU have been angling for a control of blogs for a while, the establishment is just waiting for the event that will give them the excuse they are seeking.

Quiet_Man said...

People need to be reminded that the opposite of sceptical is gullible. The warmist seem to have had a rude awakening over that term.

Elby The Beserk said...

"Read the high priest of global warming"


"Read the self-appointed high priest of global warming"

Else very good. 99/100 :-)

@MIAS. We can always move operations abroad, as Guid has done. Remember - the geeks are ALWAYS ahead of the politicos. This is not to suggest that Mandelson is anything other than a nasty, self-serving, odious, backstabbing cunt, of course.

Demetrius said...

The one thing about geophysics we can be certain of is that it is impossible to be certain of anything in the short or long term. If the Younger Dryas only took six months to take hold, and if the Toba Eruption took only days and weeks to devastate the earth then yes let us debate but always with care.

Letters From A Tory said...

Presumably you've seen the recent spate of stories designed to counter the CRU incident, reminding us how doomed we all are? Yesterday the Met Office told us that this year will be one of the warmest ever!

The truth is that the warming brigade have been dealt a serious, albeit not fatal, blow.