Friday, November 06, 2009

Brown prepares the wriggle room for a UK withdrawal from Afghanistan

The BBC reports:

Gordon Brown has told Afghan President Hamid Karzai he will not put UK troops "in harm's way for a government that does not stand up against corruption".

That sounds a lot like he's getting ready for his favourite ploy of blaming someone else for a reality he helped create, and is preparing the ground to announce a withdrawal.

I just feel very sorry for those who have lost out in Labour underfunded war. All the brave words and grand statements - the Cherie Blair announcements about Burka's - the posturing and the Department for over seas development videos of Blue Planet to bemused Afghans are not adding up to a hill of beans.

I suspect Paddy Ashdown is wrong with his domino theory of Afghanistan if we withdraw. Much of the resistance is generated by our presence and the Afghans will get on with being nasty to each other instead of us once we leave.

All this has been allowed to come about because the ministers in the Labour government are just not up to the job. Its not a political policy thing - though some of the bleeding the military dry might be - its just competence, and they don't have any.

It just makes you want to weep.

PS In the mean time the Iranians play with ICBM technology and high tech nuclear warhead designs. Does anybody else think we're fighting the wrong war ?


James Higham said...

We're fighting a damned dangerous one.

JPT said...

Brown has found the get out clause - or the get out of jail free card. How many soldiers died (and civilians) while he looked for it? And how many more will die as he dithers before eventually plucking up the courage to use it?

Demetrius said...

We are fighting the wrong wars. What we need is a pre-emptive strike on Brussels.

Andrew Allison said...

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