Saturday, October 03, 2009

Take a look at the #LabourLost campaign

There's a campaign to help bring together all those putting evidence for Labour's failures forward on twitter so its easier for people (& esp voters) to follow.

Its all explained here.

I can see a few problems with the idea, espeically screening referals to cull troll tweets, as if trolls could fly ;-) . Still intresting to see how it works out.

The LabourLost web site is here and its twitter feed ( the most intresting part ) here.

However, I'm all for attacking the other side with listing their failures etc, the only thing I don't like is trying to look like one of their sites ( which the web site does ). Other parties do this and it fools no one, but actually damages the integrity of the message.

2 comments: said...

Good morning, thank you for your post with regards to the #labourlost campaign

I have 2 points to address with regards to your post if I may:

1) You say 'especially screening referrals to cull troll tweets' - it is true, this will be an issue but 'we' cannot control how the general public use the #hashtag once we provide them with the avenue of exposure we can only hope that it is used constructively and do our level best to stay on top of the screening process with regards to those that are ReTweeted.

In addition I can confirm that no guest blog post will be accepted unless it has been reviewed by at least 1 of the 2 staff involved in the campaign.

Anything smear related will be removed or the post will not be accepted. As we say on the site:

#labourlost is not officially supported by or affiliated to any Political Party

#labourlost is not a smear campaign against the Labour Party or the Prime Minister

#labourlost is not slanderous in anyway

#labourlost is not partisan, it is not conjecture

It is clear we cannot control use of the #hashtag but we can control what appears within the site.

2) You say 'the only thing I don't like is trying to look like one of their sites ( which the web site does )' - again, this is true but not for the reason you may think.

We had set a launch date of 1st October and had therefore built our site and the template a number of weeks prior to this date.

1 week before launch the site revamped their design and relaunched, it was too close to our launch date to change our plans so we launched as originally planned.

One could deduce from this that got wind of our ideas and proceeded to copy the style though of course this could not be proved ;o).

I hope that helps readers understand a little better and we look forward to serving the general public.

Thank you
Best regards

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks for your reply - your points are noted.

Good luck with your campaign.

I think the point I may have missed is the emphasis on "why Labour lost my support" - of course in my case they never had it....