Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strike !

So were heading fast back to Labour's 1970's with big industrial disputes.

As usual its those away from the great corporations that will suffer the most.

Small businesses going bust as the CWU moves to take advantage of Labour's anti business legislation to stop a company bringing in employees to do the work that others refuse.

And now BA staff being balloted on ruining peoples Christmas. ( I have to declare an interest here - I forked out for tickets to do to a friends wedding in the last weekend before Christmas. We booked early as I would expect availability to disappear closer to the date and have another wedding North of London we are relying on BA getting us to the next day ! )

As ever the main losers are those being held to ransom - the UK public.

The Unions are back spreading their own form of misery , bullying and economic destruction and they own the Labour party ( or at least can stop it going bankrupt before the next election - which is close to the same thing ).


James Higham said...

The public - never represented but the benefit of always claimed as the purpose of the pollies.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer government!

(@James - struggling to follow your comment. Somewhat tortured syntax I fear. Please clarify.)