Friday, October 09, 2009

The days pass faster than you think

Scene: 5 minutes after we should have left the house.

Mias:- Where is your fleece ? Come on we're always looking for this at the last minute.

No1 Daughter (aged 8):- I Don't know !

Mias:- Well try looking

No1 Daughter:- ( heads upstairs in special huff mode - extra stomping employed )

MiaS:- I can't see it here are you looking ?

No1 Daughter:- YES

MiaS:- So where is it ? !

No1 Daughter:- I don't know - ....... - hold on perhaps its at school.

Mias:- Sigh

No1 Daughter:- Daaad - where you up late last night ?

Mias:- Well .. yes as a matter of fact I was #.

No1 Daughter:- *That's why your grumpy*.

When did the tables get turned like this ?

(( Watching David Cameron's speech on iPlayer of course, not that I tell her that. ))


James Higham said...

These things are sent to try us.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Mine are getting like that as well.

I say to them "Don't change the topic".