Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boris vs Paxo on Newsnight last night

Paxo was playing the BBC game of "manufacture the Euro split" with Boris.

Watch how many ways Boris comes up with for batting the question away.

Fantastic stuff Boris !

PS Beware of the Leftie Trolls on Youtube - a few comments need voting on if you go to the Youtube version..


Letters From A Tory said...

Paxman knew he wasn't going to get Boris to cause trouble but just wouldn't let go. Why did he even bother with the Europe issue?

Man in a Shed said...

@LTAF - My guess is that it was the BBC agenda to be pushed at all cost.

Just look at how many interviews they've wasted repeating the same question and not getting all the policy detail they could have got and keep complaining they haven't been told about.

The last time this happened was when the BBC decided the 2005 election was all about evil racist Tories and their immigration issues. Every day the same questions - which became in effect smears.

Behind all of this ? Labour of course.

The BBC may be trying to play ball a bit more these days but make no mistake they are the Conservative Party's public enemy No 1.

James Higham said...

LfaT - same reason he tried to get Grayling to admit there was going to be higher taxation.

Andrew Allison said...

Jeremy Paxman gets paid very well for interviewing politicians, but as we saw, he certainly is not prepared to admit is how much of the licence fee goes in his pocket. We know Boris's salary (or can easily find out), just as we know how much public money goes to David Cameron in his job as Leader of the Opposition.

There are too many in the media who take Boris for a fool. He has a first-rate brain. After that interview there were more questions left unanswered regarding Paxman. Well done, Boris.