Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Its the people Gordon Brown can't even bring himself to name who will destroy him

Apparently Labour have just twigged that after destroying education standards, destroying our pensions, selling the country out to the EU, letting our servicemen die due to lack of equipment and till very recently prosecuting them with human rights lawyers may have lost them a little support.

Perhaps selling their children into debt slavery so Labour can have a few more days, and now it is less than 250 days, left in power, has put people off.

Still Gordo would like their votes, but there are two major problems.

1) The Nationalists have eaten Labour's support away in the Celtic heartlands.
2) The people Gordon can't name ( some sort of mental impairment perhaps ) aren't those of middle aspirations, or even middle Britain he so ham fistedly tried to describe yesterday. No, its middle ENGLAND ( the word Brown can hardly bring himself to mention - even if much of his conference speech only impacted the English ).

Middle England has paid for the Scottish Banks, the bloated public sector, suffered as their pensions have been stolen by stealth taxes and been betrayed by Brown's sell out to the EU.

Middle England is going to get its own back - at the ballot box (perhaps after reading the Sun editorial over breakfast on election day ;-) ).


Wyrdtimes said...

All true MiaS but what astonishes me is that you expect the Tories to be any different.

They can't say the word "England" either.

Man in a Shed said...

@Wyrdtimes - Strictly your right, however the difference will be that a Conservative government won't attack the English in the way Labour has.

There's lots more to be done. Perhaps Brown's cynical move on AV will create a counter move.

Also there are going to be a very large number of new MPs, many of whom will see the injustice in devolution.

I'm primarily motivated by the desperate need to get Labour out and straighten the country out and right now there is only one party that can deliver and its the Conservatives.

But perhaps I'll try and put a question forward at the open primary tonight on an English Parliament ( I have on previous occasions done this an association meeting - I think the older membership find the whole idea bizarre but they may with time come round. We've had the CEP round to speak to our political discussion group.)