Monday, September 14, 2009

Its not vetting people Ed Balls wants - its controlling them

The apparent madness continues. Everyone and his dog who come anywhere near children is going to have to be vetted by a big government database, run by the Independent Safeguarding Authority. ( The fact it has to have the word Independent in it should ring alarm bells ).

But of course its only hard to explain, and thus appear mad if you try to see it in terms of child protection and preventing paedophiles getting access to children. ( I can't think of any cases governed by the new arrangements which would have prevented harm to children - I have to assume the minister must have a few cases).

But here is one explanation. What government craves is information. How many people do this ? Who are they ? How can we control what they do ?

This database will help a whole lot with those questions.

And of course once its established it can be expanded in scope.

Perhaps members of the BNP shouldn't be allowed to work with children ? Perhaps those who's views could be found offensive by the homosexual lobby should be banned ( see Christians ), but not of course Muslims ( esp Jihadi types who will be targeted for Muslim only adoptions - but of course Christian adoptions of Christian children are forbidden ).

Perhaps too many Middle class kids have the unfair advantage of loving parents - this can now be quantified by seeing who helps out and who doesn't.

They'll deny all this of course. But rarely has such a denial had the effect of stopping what is denied coming about.

Update: It occurs to me that this move will allow the government to figure out how much private tutoring goes on - which will be amunition for the class war against the middle classes.


Anonymous said...

Your reference to the BNP lit a light bulb in my head.

Will any CRBed applicants who are members of a party that the ruling party doesn't like (e.g., Tory, LibDem ...) be given a reason for rejection?

Man in a Shed said...

The fun is that allegations (unproven or untested ) are still taken into account, that the individual may be unaware of.

I think clearing your name could be very difficult and maybe impossible.