Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brown makes large concession without getting anything in return - again !

Just about to head of to bed when I read that Brown now wants to make unilateral disarmament commitments from the UK to make our nuclear deterrent easier to destroy by only having 3 nuclear subs.

This from the genius who sold the UK's gold at the low in the market, and agreed to make the UK contribute net billions more to the EU (ie French farmers) in exchange for a weak promise the French ratted on over reducing the CAP.

Can't someone tell him he's already damaged the country enough with his negotiating skills?

How does making your key concession in exchange for nothing help ? There is evidence that it won't even save money - just make a successful nuclear first strike against our country easier.

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Jack said...

We only have 4 Trident submarines which is the absolute minimum required to guarantee that one boat will always be available at sea. If Brown gets rid of one boat then our 24/7 Nuclear deterent/insurance is buggered.

Barking Spider said...

Labour+Defence = Fuckup!!