Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About to vote

Lynne Hack clearly has much experience and good Conservative instincts.

Peter Lord was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of presentation and confidence. I have no doubt he will become an MP.

But who to choose ?

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Erik Bloodaxe said...

There was no standout candidate for me. Lord was very slick, which is one of the reasons I didn't vote for him (neither did the two people I went with - we each chose a different loser!).

I thought a primary might reject an obvious political careerist in favour of someone intelligent but normal. Unfortunately, I was incorrect.

The summing up about the old couple and the gas drilling was pure schmalz. I almost retched. Personally, I'd rather our gas came from Surrey than Siberia.

Oh well, I guess I'll hold my nose and vote for him.

Man in a Shed said...

I asked the same questions. But the killer point for me was the fact Woking is a competitive seat and will be at the next election and the one that follows.

Interestingly some of the Neutrals I spoke too, who aren't Lib Dems but are left of centre vote for Lord also on the basis that he would make a good representative and could be persuaded on the things that were important to them.

I almost voted for Lynne Hack, who would make a great MP but didn't manage convince me she could deal with our Lib Dem infestation.

She needs to either improve her performance or find a safer seat.

Stephen Phillips was clearly an honourable man, who was up front about the aspects of his candidacy we might have trouble with. I hope he makes it into parliament this time round else where. But again I doubted his campaigning abilities given our local situation. I suspect the problem with his family home relates to family issues which would make it hard for them to move, but the public in Woking aren't in the mood for paying for an extra home for an already well paid by their standards MP ( though I bet Stephen would have lost tens of thousands in lost potential income, I'm not sure he'd have got the credit for it.)

Fiona Kemp did not demonstrate that she was sufficiently rounded. Oddly she would have managed to dispatch the Lib Dems on campaigning, but didn't manage to convince as a potential MP on this outing.

In the end we have someone who is a better candidate than Rosie Sharpley and a strong campaigner. This will also impact borough council and country council elections and I'm sure that played its part in peoples considerations.

Erik Bloodaxe said...

Fair points. Llyn Hack was the only one I could imagine as a personal friend, but seemed a little tongue-tied on national issues. Stephen Phillips was decent and, as a silk, could no doubt hold his own in debate - but the Lib Dems would make sure it was known that he worked for mega-rich bonus-mongers in the City. I liked Fiona Kemp's enthusiasm and the fact that as a GP she's used to being sympathetic to all strata of society. Bit of a lightweight though, it seemed. I voted for her, but it was a tough choice.