Friday, August 14, 2009

Where is the UK govt response on the "Arctic Sea" hijack ?

Questions are starting to be asked about what is really going on with the Arctic Sea hijack.

Apparently this ship sailed through the straights of Dover under duress, but some reports seem to suggest the hijackers had left before.

The Russians certainly want the vessel back - but no one else seems that bothered.

This vessel is floating around in NATO's garden pond.

Maybe the Royal Navy can't afford the fuel and RAF Nimrod's are unflight worthy.

But if some pillock in a bath tub was lost crossing the Atlantic everyone and his sea dog would be out looking.

Yet the silence if deafening here...

Its been suggested that something else may have been aboard the Arctic Sea appart from timber. Something we should be worried about perhaps ?

You can be sure that the most immoral and incompetent government in UK history isn't going to tell you unless the have to. The fact they haven't said much means either its news we really wouldn't like ( think nuclear weapons being stolen from Russia ) or that our armed forced are so run down that they now can't even handle a simple hijack of a merchant vessel. Neither is much fun and both would fit Labour history of misrule.


Man in a Shed said...

Apparently just spotted near Cape Verde - NATO given a large shrug of the shoulders "nothing to do with us gov".

JPT said...

Very peculiar.

Barking Spider said...

Either way it is most disturbing.