Saturday, August 15, 2009

The NHS Witch hunt

About 4 years ago immigration was a taboo subject as was criticising multiculturalism.

Now Labour ministers are falling over themselves to appear tough on immigration and to demand community cohesion.

The left uses its smears and artificial manufactured outrage to prevent any discussion of issues it knows it is vulnerable on.

The mother of all these sacred cows is the NHS- not free health care at the point of need - but the soviet system of delivery.

Remember the "24 hrs to save the NHS" party political add by Labour in 1997 ? Labour then went on to dismantle the market reforms in the NHS - recognised, but finally at great expense to all of us became educated enough about the problem to have to reintroduce the internal market ( but using different Labour Orwellian spin of course ).

Its true Labour fired vast sums of cash at the NHS - but the personal battle for career advancement high in the Labour cabinet prevent any reforms from stopping much of that money being wasted - and we now know that the money in the tax system came from a giant private sector debt ponzi scheme which is now being replaced with unsustainable state debt ( just for a few more months of the career of the current prime minster ).

Labour just see things like welfare and the NHS and guaranteed votes (remember Hazel Blears and her NHS heat map ?). They see poverty and failure as their hinterland returning them to the horn of public plenty where they grab money and pensions pretending to have ordinary peoples interests at heart. They are the parasite party - and the most immoral gutless and disgusting.

And the tragedy is this could all be done better. More peoples lives could be saved ( cancer and stroke recovery rate comaprisons with other country's prve this beyond doubt ).

What stops this from happening ? The left of British politics. They are the traitors.

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James Higham said...

Its true Labour fired vast sums of cash at the NHS

Pi--ing into the wind.