Saturday, August 29, 2009

How much is the MoD really letting us know ?

Remember when the MOD clamped down on soldier sending video clips back etc ? They have made it hard for some UK journalists to get out to Afghanistan.

I've just read this dispatch from the American Michael Yon who was embedded with British Forces, but has been ejected by the MoD ( so there's stuff they would rather you didn't read here ).

his writing style is hard to follow at times, but you get a picture and its not one the MSM is delivering to us here.

Read his post Bad Medicine here.

I note that elsewhere he accuses the MOD of trying to hide the causality rate in the current fighting.

In more general terms I not yet quite sure of what to make of his writing, except to confirm the respect we all have for our people on the ground and the suspicion we have about the MoD and our current politicians.


James Higham said...

Like all other sectors, the MOD is monolithic and indulges in monolithic tendencies, some of which are to conceal - especially with them for secuirty reasons. When is something public fare and when national security? Who decides?

exsquaddy said...

Well when I was in the military we absolutely hated having the bl**dy media around. They never took the risks seriously and I had one stupid idiot who told me it was my job to protect him - it wasn't.

They had no idea of milsec and their actions in the Falklands showed their deliberate disregard of our safety for their own egos.

They have made no secret of their contempt for us, and even when they do report they get it wrong and often report things the way they wanted them to be rather than what actually happened.

I think I can speak for most of my army mates when I say we loathed, detested and despised these lice.

HOw much is the MoD really letting us know? Hopefully as little as possible.