Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another face of Obama

We tried to warn you.


Oblong² said...

Great picture, funny how it's spread like wildfire on the net and then the MSN followed.

Pity the MSN never reports his gaffes like they did with Bush. So Bush didn't know the president of Pakistan's name, that's not nearly as bad as not knowing the number of states in the US.

Anonymous said...

There's certainly a few things catching up with Barry... not least his place of birth... and if and when he proves his citizenship, he still has to provide evidence of the legalality of his change of name from Barry Soetoro to BHO. A POTUS declared unconstitutional... making all legislation he has signed null & void... this I gotta see.

Barking Spider said...

Americans seem to have woken up from their "yes we can" dream and realised it's actually a nightmare invasion from within by communists.