Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How the government and BBC are brainwashing your children against Christianity

Old Holborn has a guest post on the BBC's bit sized GCSE revision site.

Its incredible stuff - and maybe that's how they get away with it. ( The site can be viewed directly here ).

The BBC would like us to believe that religious programming can be left in the safe hands of a Muslim. The relative treatment of Christianity and Islam in these revision articles shows this is just not the case.

Warning: If you have a weak heart or underlying medical condition that will be made worse by a sudden rise in blood pressure then you'd better not follow the links.


ContraTory said...

They have got a really serious bias problem at the BBC, but you just can't get through to them.

I had to laugh though, because the material was so patently unbalanced, even young children would be able to see that they were being had.

Man in a Shed said...

I guess what worries me is that it may also be reflected in the GCSE syllabus.

I know of one teacher at a primary school who is known as a Christian being asked to run the schools RE programme having to refuse on grounds that she shouldn't over see that syllabus in good conscience.

James Higham said...

Great stuff, MiaS. May I use some of it [attributed of course] but it would be on Sunday?

Man in a Shed said...

The little that was mine -yes sure go ahead, but I suspect Paul Weston ( as referred to by Old Holborn is the required hat tip ).