Thursday, May 21, 2009

The ugly mood on question time - and those looking to exploit the mob

Just watched the moved forward question time, and as you might expect the mood is ugly.

As you would expect William Hague was interrupted by lengthy prepared quotes from the chair - but its the BBC and that's what we expect from a David Dimbleby.

But what's really frightening is how all the various interest groups are lining up to take advantage of the current chaos, and how the BBC is busy trying to encourage them.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown ( who strikes me as one of the most confused people ever to appear on the national media ) has a schizophrenic problem that she knows Labour are responsible for the current mess, but can't abide the idea of a Conservative Govt. So she talks up the Lib Dems ( not that its necessary with the shameless political angling by Red Vince Cable on tap next door).

The left can see defeat coming down on them, but they still hold the levers of power. The BBC with its left wing staff and left wing sympathies is keen to do anything it can to prevent a Conservative victory, even if that means talking up independents. The guardianista commentators pray for a hung parliament. Anything to stop the economy being saved from the car crash Gordon Brown has so carefully engineered for it - which must surely lead to oppressive and irreversible socialism if the crisis allowed to develop as they wish.

The clear a present danger is that the guardianistas get their hung and neutered parliament devoted to constitutional navel gazing whilst our sovereignty goes to Brussels and our economy down the drain.

These are dangerous times.

PS I noticed that the programme finished with Ben Bradshaw and various others calling for a new House of Lords ( with professional politicians, not those who have served our country in many sphere's of life appointed)- but the issue of professional politicians never came up. Vince Cable mentioned fix term parliaments, but not terms limits for MPs. Odd that ...

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Anonymous said...

I feel this expenses issue, illuminating though it has been, is getting a little tiresome. Oh for a bumper edition of the Telegraph to get it all out of the way.

And how odd that it has provided so much air time for the BBC - in my view one of the greatest wasters of public resources in the UK. The ridiculous licence fee hits many poorer people hard - much more so than the grubby and petty fiddles in Westminster.

And the BBC has the cheek to run consumer programmes! But best I don't get started on that...